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About Us

Dan Shubert is the owner of The Lawn Keeper Lawn Care, Inc.  Dan worked for 15 years at different positions at Mount Vernon Mills before  starting The Lawn Keeper.  One of the jobs he did while employed at MVM was cutting grass. 

Later in his tenure at MVM, he was a machinist.  When anything, except electrical issues, came up within the plant, he would be the one on his shift that the supervisors called to come and make the repairs.  One day Dan realized how much he missed being outdoors and felt that God was telling him to start his own lawn maintenance business.

That calling was in 2004 and there's been no stopping since.

Dan and his wife, Nancy, have been married since 1990.  If you give our office a call, you will be speaking with Nancy, as Nancy takes care of all things office related.  Dan and Nancy have two children, Trey and Alexa.  Trey has been helping in the business since the summer of 2014.  Now that he has graduated high school, he is working full-time with Dan.
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